Tools For Finding Domain Names – Part 2

If you’re haven’t read Tools For Finding Domain Names – Part 1, you probably should start there and go through the checklist for selecting a good domain name.

More Free Online Tools For Finding A Domain Name


Nametumbler can be used for finding domain names

NameTumbler is a domain search tool that combines one keyword, which you provide, with various lists of other types of words such as Animals, Business Verbs, Computer Terms, etc. The main thing to remember with this tool is that the majority of the names you’ll see aren’t available. Until you do the second step in the process and check their availability with GoDaddy, don’t get too excited about anything you see.


Another domain name generator to try is It’s not as easy to use, and I found it was challenging to get usable results, but you might find it particularly helpful in a couple of specific situations. For example, if you want to create a new, unique word to name your site and business, try the Wordlist Spinner tab. Put in a few keywords relating to your industry, products, even clients, and set it to show only available domains, with a max of about 50. Press the button. If you don’t like any of the results, press it again. Keep trying this and perhaps throw in some new words… you might get lucky and find a comprehensible “invented” word or phrase that would work for you.

Another case in which MakeWords can be useful is if the area in which you’re trying to find a domain falls within one of its specialized word lists. I found the Keyword Domains tab the most useful. You enter one keyword, then use the dropdown box to pick the types of words you want to combine that with. There are options for Banking and Finance, Emotions, Fitness and Diet, Verbs like Teach, or simply the Top 500 Keywords on the Web.

There are also specialized word lists by language, so this is the only site I know that can help you name a domain with Klingon words, for example. I just don’t think there’s a lot of demand for that … Go to the Domain Name Generator tab, drop down the Language option, and you can choose from a wide selection.

Expert-Marketer’s Domain Name Tool

There’s an interesting domain name generator over at It’s designed for finding local domain names, and also has a very useful list of suffixes and prefixes you might find useful. There are even some latin prefixes, complete with translations. It’s straightforward to use and worth checking out, particularly if you need to find a variation on an existing domain name.

Webconfs Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestion Tool

This one is a little specialized, but it’s simple, quick, and might be worth a try if there’s a specific keyword you know you must have in your domain name. Try the Webconfs Tool and see if you have any luck. The majority of your results won’t be available, but you might get a few hits on names that could work for you.

If you know of any other good online tools for finding domain names, please mention them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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